Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanese group, with a coastline that stretches for over 290km.


Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanese group, with a coastline that stretches for over 290km. Naturally, water sports are a great feature, and the lovely sandy beaches are a delight to explore. Note – our reps tell us that Bubble Beach is the best beach on the island! Away from sun, sea and sand, you can explore the atmospheric lanes of Kos Town’s historic Old Quarter, picnic with peacocks in lovely Peacock Valley, enjoy a sunset horseback ride through the magnificent mountains, or visit the ancient Roman site of Asklepion or the birthplace of Hippocrates, father of medicine.

Who holidays in Kos?

Holidays in Kos are perfect for travellers hoping to spend their time in vibrant beach resorts, where an enviable range of water sports is always on offer or for those in search of piece of traditional Dodecanese life. Kos old town and its idyllic hilltop scenery also make for a truly memorable Greek holiday.


Kefalos: A lovely beach can be found at Kefalos, 43 Kms from Kos Town.

Marmari Beach: This endless sandy beach is 5kms from Pyli. Ideal for windsurfing and other water sports.

Kamari: This is where the best beaches are. The most popular is Paradise Beach and other beaches include Exotic Beach and Camel Beach.

Tingaki: The long sandy beach at Tingaki has shallow, crystal clear waters.


  • Fabulous sightseeing and spectacular landscape
  • Beautiful sand/shingle beaches
  • Leisurely laid back atmosphere
  • Caters for all ages and tastes


The Old Town of Kos Town is popular for trinkets and jewellery plus bargain leather goods and ceramics.

Local delicacies make great for presents for friends and family including Antimachia honey, baklava or candied tomatoes.

Things To Do

Popular activities during Kos holidays include:

  • Cycling
  • Walking and hiking
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Watersports
  • Rock Climbing

Olympic Holidays Excursions in Kos

Greek Night: Come with us to the pine covered mountainside village of Zia and to the beautiful venue of Fantasia. This is your chance to be entertained 'Greek style' with our live Bouzouki band and singers along with our amazingly talented dancers. All this whilst you enjoy mouth watering dishes and unlimited local village wine.

Island Tour: In one day - journey from ancient Greece to modern day Kos. Explore the nooks and crannies of Kos whilst our English speaking professional guide will keep you entertained with his knowledge and passion for Kos. A chance to visit the Asklepion, the ancient hospital built in memory of Hippocrates, who was born on Kos.

Turkey: A stone's throw away yet in many regards a world apart. Enjoy the cruise over to Bodrum, Turkey and take in the sights and delights of what this resort has to offer. Soak up the local history and Turkish atmosphere or pamper yourselves in one of the Turkish baths. A free city tour is also included courtesy of Olympic for you to experience Bodrum at its best. Don't forget your passports!

Nisyros: Your chance to marvel at the untouched beauty of Nisyros. The island famously renowned for hosting an array of dormant volcanic craters. The ancient cobbled streets host a magnitude of experiences for you to enjoy!

Waterpark: A wonderful day out at the Lido Waterpark - the one and only on Kos. A wide choice of pools from the gigantic wave pool to the kid¿s pool and with water slides to exhilarate all. Relax whilst topping up your tan on the lazy river or let your kids be entertained at the activity pool area. A superb day out for all!

Aegean Cruise: This is the day that holidays were made for. Cruise the Aegean aboard our wooden caique style boat, topping up your tan whilst taking in neighbouring islands, with plenty of time for cooling off in the crystal clear waters.

Bar Crawls: The choice is yours, Kardamena or Kos Town or both! Join the Olympic team as we show you the best bars and clubs to visit on the island. Not a night to be missed or a night to be forgotten!

Things To See

Mount Dikeos - The breathtaking views over the Dodecanese make the hike to its summit more than worthwhile.

Bros Therma - Located on the road south out of Kos Town and past Psalidi this is a hot spring which flows from a grotto, through a trench and into a shoreline pool, protected by boulders, heating the seawater to an enjoyable temperature. The boulder wall is rebuilt every April as the winter winds tend to disperse the boulders which results in the pool changing from one year to the next. Best experienced at sunset or later.

Sanctuary of Asklepios - This is the islands' most significant archaeological site. It is about 4 km from the town standing on a hill. The Asklepieion, offers views over the district as well as Turkey. The site consisted of a religious sanctuary to Asclepius, the God of healing. The Temple and School of Medicine were established after the death of Hippocrates. This is an extensive site over three levels, with the ruins of temples and baths.

Castle of the Knights - Along with the castles on Rhodes and in Bodrum, Turkey the castle in Kos Town, built in the 14th century and used by the Knights of St. John, was a defence against the troops of the Ottoman Empire. Today the ramparts offer fantastic views over the town.

Casa Roman - A restored 3rd-century Roman villa that straddles what appears to have been an earlier Hellenistic residence. This roman villa was impressive, with 26 rooms and 3 pools with shady courtyards. The mosaics depict dolphins and lions. The dining room has decorated marble walls and the other rooms were lavishly painted during the Roman era.

Kos Museum - For a town the size of Kos Town, this is an impressive archaeological museum, built by the Italians in the 1930s to display mostly Hellenistic and Roman sculptures and mosaics uncovered on the island.

Hippocrates plane tree - Why not picnic at the foot of the oldest tree in Europe. It is located only a short walk toward the harbour in Kos Town and at the entrance bridge to the castle. Standing with extensive support, this is said to be the Tree of Hippocrates, where he once taught his students.


Boat: As the transportation hub of the Dodecanese, Kos offers, weather permitting, a full menu of options: car ferries, passenger ferries, hydrofoils (Flying Dolphins), excursion boats, and caiques (converted fishing boats). Currently, these ports are linked to Kos with year-round non stop and at least daily ferry service; Piraeus, Rhodes, Kalymnos, and Bodrum. Leros and Patmos enjoy the same frequency but with a stop or two along the way

Bus: The Kos town (DEAS) buses offer service within roughly 7km (4 miles) of the town centre, while the Kos island (KTEL)buses will get you nearly everywhere else. For the latest schedules, consult the town bus office, on the harbour at Akti Kountourioti 7, or the island bus station, at 7 Kleopatras. The majority of DEAS town buses leave from the central bus stop on the south side of the harbour.

Bicycle: This is a congenial island for cyclists. Most of Kos is quite flat, and the one main road from Kos Town to Kefalos is a popular route. Since bike trails are provided until well beyond Kos Town, you can also avoid the congested east-end beach roads.

Taxi: For a taxi, drop by or call the harbour taxi stand beneath the minaret and across from the castle.

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