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Discover Agios Prokopios, a captivating coastal gem on Naxos' western coast, Greece. Renowned for stunning beaches, this Mediterranean retreat offers sun-soaked relaxation, thrilling water sports, and a taste of Greek island charm. Embrace tranquility and savor the beauty of Agios Prokopios, a true paradise in Naxos.


Agios Prokopios, on Naxos' western coast, is a captivating Mediterranean retreat. Renowned for its stunning beaches, the village allures with soft golden sands and azure waters, perfect for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. The beach stretches for over a kilometer, boasting shallow, family-friendly waters. Traditional Cycladic architecture adorns the charming village centre, with tavernas, cafes, and shops to explore.

Agios Prokopios treats visitors to mesmerizing sunsets over the Aegean Sea, creating a romantic and awe-inspiring atmosphere. A perfect escape to a Greek island paradise.

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