Some say this stunning little island is the most beautiful in all the Cyclades: famous for its sandy beaches and fascinating ancient sites.


Naxos is a stunning little island; some say it is the most beautiful of all the islands in the Cyclades. The capital Naxos Town (Hora) is made up of white-washed buildings and atmospheric narrow streets, with a great selection of restaurants, cafes and bars. The streets of the town lead up towards the walls of a 13th century Venetian castle. Naxos Town is also home to the Potara - the remains of the entrance to the ancient temple of Apollo.

Destination Profile

Naxos offers a variety of options that satisfies all tastes and preferences, as holidaymakers can choose between wondering through the enchanting capital or the picturesque villages. The beautiful landscapes are impressive, as the fertile valleys (Melanes, Eggares) and hills (Za) elucidate the beauty of Naxos countryside.

The natural beauty of Naxos is further highlighted through its beaches, which attract not only those wanting to absorb the sun on beautiful, golden sands, however also water-sport enthusiast, as Naxos regularly gathers surfers who enjoy the summer wind.


  • Stunning views
  • Beaches
  • Traditional feel
  • Watersports


Before leaving Naxos, it is for sure that you would like to take something with you in order to remember the beautiful time you have spent on the island.

Bargain purchases for those on Naxos holidays include:-

  • Jewellery
  • Naxos cheeses as well as other delicious local products
  • Handicrafts and many other small temptations.

Things To Do

Popular activities for those taking holidays in Naxos include:-

  • Wind surfing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Horse riding.

Things To See

The Castle of Naxos: Built by Marco Sanudi in 1207.

Temple of Apollo - Portara: The most famous "door" (porta) of Cyclades, Portara, is one of the most important monuments of Naxos that reveal the island's rich history.

Temple of Dimitra in Gyroulas (Sangri): is one of the most significant buildings of ancient Naxos and dates back to 520-530 BC.

Temple of Dionysus in Iria: The sanctuary of Dionysus is situated in the area of Iria, only 3 kms away from Chora.

Our favourites in Naxos

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