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Naxos Town is the capital town of Naxos island and is considered one of the most beautiful villages among the Cyclades islands for its fine architecture that combines Venetian and Cycladic elements.


Naxos Town is situated high on a hilltop and guarded by its Venetian castle and one of the prettiest in the Aegean Islands. It has a rich history coupled with beautiful architecture, narrow winding streets, and plenty of character.

There are several parts to Naxos town. The old town is known as Kastro and is situated by the castle within the Kastro’s old Venetian walls. The Kastro was home to the ruler of the Duchy of Naxos.

The steep narrow lanes in Kastro are so pretty with fuschia coloured bougainvillea tumbling over whitewashed walls and elegant Venetian mansions and numerous churches. 

The lanes from Kastro lead downhill to Bourgos to the west, which is where the Greeks lived during the years of Venetian occupation. The New Town  is situated to the south and is where the island’s main port is located and many of the town’s restaurants, bars, and cafés.

It is the best developed part of the island in terms of tourism infrastructure and one of the busiest Cycladic towns especially during summer. 

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