Longos Village Paxos, Greece

Tiny Paxos is a haven of peace and outstanding natural beauty. Its unhurried way of life is an ideal escape from the modern world.


Just an hour by sea from Corfu is this amazing haven of peace and beauty, Paxos is a tiny island, approximately seven miles long by three miles wide, with over 30 white pebbly beaches and crystal clear blue sea. There are a series of enchanting coves along the east coast, best explored by boat. An island of outstanding beauty, holidays to Paxos offer an unhurried way of life, ideal for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. 

Gaios is the capital village of Paxos and main harbour. The village was named after St Gaios, a disciple of St Paul. It has a variety of shops, tavernas and restaurants and the atmosphere in the evening is quite lively during the high season. Just across the water lies Aghios Nikolaos, with its old Venetian castle, perfect if you want to leave Gaios on a day trip and go exploring.

Great buys when taking holidays in Paxos include quality pottery and ceramics, leather goods, jewellery, wine, olive oil and feta cheese.

Paxos has superb white beaches and turquoise blue sea. Gaios boasts a sandy beach on the southern tip of the island at Mogonissi. Enchanting coves along the east coast are best explored by boat.

Go hiking independently or on an organised tour and discover deserted villages, ancient olive groves and spectacular scenery. Or, explore the world on and below the sea with some great watersports. Try your hand at Scuba and snorkelling, self-drive boats, water skiing and other water sports.

Paxos holidays are perfect for those wanting to experience a traditional Greek island unspoilt by mass tourism. Unlike many of the Greek islands, Paxos holidays are very relaxing because of the laid-back lifestyle and simple tourist facilities.

Things To Do

Great Excursions in Paxos

Walking tours (guided): These are available on the northern and southern areas of the island, and recommended in order to experience the scenic landscape that you would not be able to find unaccompanied.

Parga: Sail to the mainland town of Parga. A beautiful harbour town with an abundance of enticing fish tavernas.

Old Paxos: Guided tour of the old town with a visit to the oldest surviving olive press and cheese making farm in the Ionian islands.

Scuba diving: Discover the rich underwater world of the Med.

We advise that you confirm your place on these and other days and nights out at the Welcome Get Together on the day after your arrival, to secure your place.

Things To See

Lakka lighthouse: Take a stroll to this landmark for one of the best sunsets in the Ionian.

Paxos Museum: Learn about the life and history of Paxos. You will find fossils, pottery from the Classical period and guns from the Venetian period. It is located on the south side of the harbour of Gaios.

The islet of Panagia (Virgin Mary): A splendid white monastery is situated on this islet. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Odigitria was built in 1510. On the 15th August, Assumption Day the gates of the monastery are open and people travel across by boat to the monastery to pay homage.

The Olive press Museum: Original surviving stone olive press in a rural setting. The owner's family will demonstrate a working olive press and this olive oil is for sale. Located on the main road between Gaios and Lakka

Paxos Caves: Series of large sea caves, the largest of which hid Allied submarines during the second world war.

The early Christian Church of Agia Marina: In Porto of Ozia.


Boat: The best way to get around is by motor boat, allowing you to discover the numerous remote beaches of the east coast. The fabulous sandy beaches of Antiparos, the tiny sister island of Paxos, are best and most easily reached by the express sea taxis from Gaios. There is no doubt that this is the best and most fun way to discover the delights of the island.

Bus: Paxos is small enough to explore quite easily on foot. However, the island has its own bus service linking the main village of Gaios with the other two harbours of Loggos and Lakka.

Car: Except in high season there are relatively few cars and only a handful of taxis. 


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