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Volos is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek cities, located at the centre of the country, with a port that is among the busiest in Greece. Built at the innermost point of the Pagasetic Gulf, it lies at the foot of Mount Pelion, where the fresh and salty sea breeze is mixed with the scented mountain air of the homeland of the mythical Centaurs. T

The region’s wealth and its long history can be seen in its architectural structure which has an air of elegance and beauty. The grand residences and state buildings, the museums, the early 20th century industrial facilities, and the historic churches are some of the city highlights.



The city of Volos is located at the foot of the peninsula of Pelion in the center of Greece. It is situated at an approximately equal distance between the country's capital, Athens, and the second major city, Thessaloniki.. Volos is the main export centre of Thessaly. The city has an important waterfront which is lined with many pastry shops, cafes-bars, restaurants and mezedopolia.

The waterfront is also the place where local people go for a stroll which is a walk before or after dinner. The place gets really crowded during Friday and Saturday nights. The surrounding streets are also of interest as they are bustling with life. The streets are very commercial with many shops.

The port of Volos is also very active with daily schedules to the islands of the Sporades: Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos. Volos is a necessary stop on your way to Pelion which is situated just next to it. From Volos, you can sea the Pelion villages perched on the pine-covered mountains. It is an agreeable spectacle especially by night when only their lights can be seen.

The town of Volos is also interesting from a cultural point of view. There is the Archaeological Museum of Volos which contains findings from the surrounding areas that date from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. The Municipal Gallery also is of interest. It is housed in the Town Hall and exhibits a collection of paintings and sculptures by Modern Greek artists.