Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese is situated on a spectacular peninsula that makes the most of the southern part of mainland Greece.


The Peloponnese is situated on a peninsula that makes up the most southern part of mainland Greece. Recognised as true Greece, the Peloponnese is an area of outstanding beauty which combines centuries of mythology and history. Split into several regions, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy on their holidays to the Peloponnese Peninsula. The northwest is rich in history and is an excellent base for sightseeing. It is also home to the archaeological site of Olympia, an ancient town with much historical interest.  Located in the western Peloponnese, in the "Valley of Gods", the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Olympia has to be one of the most well known places to visit in the whole of Greece and a must-see attraction on any holiday to the Peloponnese.

If you want to experience some of the finest ancient ruins in Greece and spend your leisure time soaking up the sun and enjoying watersports like snorkelling and windsurfing, then holidays in the Peloponnese are for you.  Greece is overflowing with attractive holiday destinations but the Peloponnese is a spectacular area of its very own significance. Peloponnese holidays can cater for a large variety of interests, with breathtaking beaches, welcoming villages and sites of global archaeological significance. This spectacular peninsula attracts tourists on holiday from all corners of the globe. So whether you're hoping to spend your Greek holiday devouring olives and ouzo or you're eager to see the ruins of Ancient Olympia in the flesh, holidays in the Peloponnese could offer you much more than you expect. If you're visiting in July and August then you might be in luck and can experience the Ancient Olympia International Festival.

There's lots to shop for in the Peloponnese, with local delicacies and bargains galore. Look out for Kalamata black olives and very good quality olive oil, including organic oil, which is available to buy in Stoupa and the surrounding villages. Purchase some local honey to take home with you or seek out the monastery in Kalamata where the nuns produce silk which is turned into silk scarves. Antique pottery and jewellery from the 1950s and beautiful coloured glass lamps can be found in the village of Kardamili. 


Best beaches in the Peloponnese

Stoupa and Kalogria beach: golden sandy beach with chilled out beach bars playing everything from classical to soul, (located in the Stoupa area).

Gulf of Corinth: an extremely long stretch of beach that is popular with Athenian weekenders. The beach is ideal for families as it is free from mass tourism and is very clean. There are not many facilities but you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.

Zaga Beach: located in the lovely little port town of Koroni just outside of Kalamata. The beach is quiet and is the perfect place to unwind. Just further down the coast is the fishing village of Finikounda which is one of the best windsurfing spots in Greece.

Things To Do

Peloponnese Holidays - Excursions

Athens and Corinth Canal: A super value for money, overnight stay in Athens combined with a cruise on the breathtaking Corinth Canal. Sample the highlights of the city - the world famous Parthenon and the changing of the guard at Syntagma.

Olympia: No visit to the Peloponnese is complete without a visit to the home of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia. Run the original Olympic track and see the recovered artifacts in the modern site museum.

Diros Caves: Visit these stunning caves, the 3rd largest of their kind in the world, either by boat or by coach

Mytras: Travel through the valleys and breathtaking scenery of the Langada to magical Mystras, the Byzantine capital of Greece. Walk at leisure through the captivating ruins of a once awesome town crowned by an imposing fortress.

Monemvasia: A fortified town built on two levels set impregnably on a great island-like eruption, rearing some 350 metres above sea level. Monemvasia is Greece's answer to the rock of Gibraltar.

Lazy Day Cruise: Enjoy a cooling cruise up and down the beautiful Mani coastline where you will have the chance to enjoy a swim from the boat and enjoy a lunch included in the price.

Tastes of the Mani: A perfect opportunity to travel through some of the hidden villages of the Taygetos mountains. See the traditional process of honey making and visit an olive oil press with a chance to sample 'Mani Gold', the local olive oil.

Things To See

Olympia: The home of the first Olympic Games. There you can visit the archaeological museum and the museum of the Olympic games.

The Caves of Diros: Diros cavern is a magical place. An underground river is responsible for crystal waters through the glistening textures of stalactites and stalagmites of all sizes and shapes.

13th Century Fortress: Located in the town of Methoni - The fortress is surrounded on three sides by the sea and the fourth by a moat. Inside the fortress is an entire medieval town and you can literally spend hours wandering around. The name Methoni comes from the stones that the small castle named the Bourtzi. At the end of the peninsula, the harbour is situated, and you can continue underwater to the uninhabited island of Sapientza.

Pylos Town: One of the most attractive coastal villages in Greece. The town itself has a central square down by the waterfront and most life revolves around it. There are two castles; one on each side of the bay and nearby is the Mycenaean Palace of Nestor, one of the best preserved of all Mycenaean palaces.

Mountain Villages: There are an abundance of tranquil traditional little villages with locals going about their daily business without a care in the world. Get Together on the day after your arrival. The places available are limited.


By Boat and bus: If you are in Olympia or Pyrgos: There are regular coach connections to Patras (Coach terminal). From there, you can take ferries to a few resorts in Italy, stopping at either Corfu or Igoumenitsa on the way. Patras lies 115 kms south west from Olympia, and 250 km from Stoupa.

Bus or Train: You can reach Patras and Pyrgos by train from Ancient Olympia with a regular train service. There will also be a regular shuttle train service to Pyrgos from Ancient Olympia, and a bus connection from Stoupa to Patras.

By Car: Rent a fully comprehensively insured car from our representatives in the Peloponnese.


Best time to go to Peloponnese

Max_temp  Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Peloponnese 19 24 28 31 31 28 23
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sun Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Peloponnese 8 9 11 12 12 9 7
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3