Set at the north end of the island, this captivating town is a harmonious blend of old and new, which attracts many visitors.


Rhodes Town is an all-rounder, with plenty to impress all age groups on holidays to Rhodes. Cosmpolitan, but steeped in fascinating history, the famously romantic Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the finest walled towns in Europe. Cosmopolitan and quaint in equal measure, that's what makes Rhodes Town such a popular place to visit.

Lose yourself wandering through the narrow, car-free cobbled streets and discover medieval fortifications, ancient temples and castles on holidays to Rhodes Town and take a leisurely stroll through Mandraki Harbour.

The Old Town is completely enclosed by the tremendous 15th and 16th century ramparts and moat built by the Knights of St. John. After passing through this impressive defence system of walls, bridges and tunnels you enter suddenly into a medieval world, carefully restored by the Italians so that today this vast fortress still speaks of the time when crusaders rode forth to carry their banners to the Holy Land. When the Turks occupied Rhodes, they established themselves in the medieval town and added minarets, domed mosques and hammans (baths). On the medieval houses they built wooden balconies with window grills, which even today recall the era of the Harem. In the Turkish Quarter, wandering along the streets, you almost feel as if you have been transported back to the east. With its narrow, cobbled streets, hours can be spent browsing around this part of Rhodes Town.

The New Town embraces the old one and extends south to meet the Rhodian Riviera, a strip of luxury resort hotels. At its north tip is the city beach, in the area called 100 Palms, and famed Mandraki Harbour, now used as a mooring for private yachts and tour boats. The new town has a lively and cosmopolitan air with its splendid array of boutiques, excellent restaurants and nightclubs. 

When you’ve had your fill of culture, head to the beach and get some sun. Rhodes Town is great for watersports and cooling down in the sea too. You can also find some great restaurants and a buzzingly vibrant atmosphere among the many and varied bars, restaurant and tavernas that can be found on every road and street corner.  Local and traditional flavours of every description can be tasted in Rhodes Town. So, have a slow and leisurely meze or grab a quick bite before you head out for more fun, sun and exploration.

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Things To Do

Great Excursions during Rhodes Town Holidays

Make your holidays to Rhodes Town extra special by booking one of our wonderful excursions, we have a wide range of excursions that have been selected to cater for everyone's interests. Some of our most popular excursions are:-

Simply Symi: Setting sail from Mandraki harbour over to the clear waters to the beautiful sister island of Symi. Visiting the Panormitis Monastery which is steeped in history and glory. One of a few unspoilt islands well worth discovering.

Turkish delight: Treat yourself to bargains galore with all the famous designer names but not so designer prices. Visit 2 continents in 1 day and take the 'Turkish delight' to Maramis. Experience Turkish culture and hustle and bustle of the local bazaar as you shop till you drop. 

Off road safari: Feel the exhilaration of exciting adventure as you head towards what the very best of Rhodes has to offer. See simple Greek villages nestled between rugged off-road scenery and picturesque monasteries.

Lindos by boat: No visit would be complete in Rhodes or Greece without visiting the Crown Jewel of islands that is of course Lindos. Set sail across the beautiful clear crystal waters and just watch the world go by. Experience the history and culture of a truly magic village wrapped around the main attraction of the Acropolis. 

Grand island tour: Visit many iconic spots of culture and tradition around the beautiful island and see the highlights with a professional guide. The tour begins from Valley of the butterflies, passing down the scenic coast of Soroni, Fanes, Kalavarda and visit the ancient Kamiros. Arrive at Embona's wine factory for a truly special wine tasting. After a spot of lunch we will take you through the villages of Siana, the castle of Monolithos, Appollakia and Kiotari. A Greek experience in true style.