Symi, Greece

Just 21 miles north of Rhodes, steep and rugged Symi is an outstandingly picturesque island.


Symi, just 23 miles north of Rhodes is one of the most picturesque of all the islands. The focal point of Symi, Yialos Harbour has a good choice of cafes and restaurants and this area has a certain sophistication to it, with hundreds of Italian style mansions built up on the hills around the quayside. Chorio, the upper part of Symi Town, is situated away from the quayside overlooking the harbour, and here the pace of life is even slower so it is impossible not to feel relaxed in this kind of environment. A visit to Symi will allow you to step back in time and take it easy for a week or two, promising complete relaxation. You'll love the wide choice of charming fish tavernas and cafes to be found all around the pretty harbour-front.

There is no lack of wonderful beaches dotted around the island of Symi. You'll find fantastic snorkelling possibilities at Yialos, Pedi, Emporios, Marathounda and Nanou, as well as the nearby islets of Agina, Marina, and Nimos. The water is crystal clear and there is an abundance of sea life. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available and it goes without saying the glorious Mediterranean sun always shines in Symi.

Shop for traditional handmade items like ceramics, textiles, honey, wine, Jewellery and local artists' paintings. You'll also find quality leather goods with luxurious handmade bags and Sea Sponges which used to be the islands main source of income.

Holidays in Symi are just the thing for those who want to spend some leisure time either walking or lazing around on the beach. Come and explore the local coves and secluded beaches on boat trips around the island.

Things To Do

Mountain climbing: in St George's disalona which is well known for its unique quarried rock face. People travel all around the world to climb it. Access is only by taxi boat.

Walking: Excellent walking terrain all around the island and there are several guided tours available. A stroll around the harbour of Symi with its superb neo-classical mansions is also recommended.

Taxi Boat: A great way to explore the island and its bays.

Great Excursions in Symi

Island cruise: A lazy day of relaxation and serious sun bathing. A delicious BBQ, swimming, snorkeling and fishing if you fancy...

Island Discovery: Take a ride inland, and then stroll with our guide and sail to Sesklia for a BBQ lunch and refreshing swim.

Things To See

The Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis: A working monastery, originally built in the 6th century. What you see today is the result of restoration from the 18th century. You will be able to view the Byzantine Frescoes and intricately carved Iconostasis.

Nautical Museum: A must to visit during your stay.

Archaeological and Folk Museum: Definitely worth a visit.

The Catacombs: (the twelve caves) and Roman mosaics at Nimborio.


Boat : Water taxis operate out of Pedi and Yialos to the various beaches. Excursion boats may also be booked in Yialos. This is the best way to travel around the island as there are only rough tracks or paths in Symi except the route from Gialos to Pedi.

Bus : The Symi bus leaves the harbour on the hour for Chorio and Pedi. It returns from Pedi on the half-hour. The late afternoon service from Pedi can be quite crowded at the height of the season.


The best time to go to Symi

Max_temp  Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Symi 21 23 27 29 29 27 24
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sun Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Symi 7 10 12 12 11 9 6
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3