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The islands' second largest resort is Limenaria in the south west, a lively village with several restaurants and bars and a couple of discos.


The islands' second largest resort is Limenaria in the south west, a lively village with several restaurants and bars and a couple of discos. A narrow sand beach runs the length of the village, backed by raised taverna terraces, ending down at the tiny harbour with its colourful fishing boats.

Who holidays in Limenaria?

Those seeking a lively village atmosphere with plenty of places to enjoy fresh Greek cuisine.

Destination Profile

There are many beaches along the coast that you can visit if you are staying in Limenaria. Right in town next to the port there is a very small and sandy beach with plenty of cafes and restaurant's nearby. If you continue further west you will come to a beach that stretches for about 2 kilometres, it is sandy and rocky in places. Another beach just a little further along, called Tripiti beach, is definitely one of the best beaches on the island and is well worth a visit for beach lovers.


  • Beautiful harbour
  • Lovely beaches
  • Bars, cafes & disco
  • Friendly atmosphere

Things To Do

Thassos boasts many wonderful ancient Greek ruins. The ancient temples dedicated to Apollo and Athena can be seen in Limenas and the Amphitheatre located above the town is also well worth a visit. Thassos also has a museum in Thassos Town (Limenas) which gives any visitor a fascinating journey through its ancient past.

For those who are seeking a more active holiday, mountain biking on Thassos may be just what you are looking for. Set off on a biking adventure through the olive groves and discover the breathtaking mountainous scenery that awaits you. There are specific routes that journey past monasteries, villages and ruins, giving a fantastic view of the island as a whole.

Boat cruises are another excellent way to see Thassos. There are traditional Greek yachts offering itineraries from Limanaria and Golden Beach, stopping off at smaller coves, beaches and villages for a leisurely day on the waters.

Thassos holds many religious and cultural festivals throughout the year. The festivals are lively, colourful and full of folklore and tradition.

Things To See

Thassos offers a number of unspoilt, beautiful beaches, coves and bays. Limenas, Golden Beach and Limenaria offer lovely beaches with safe waters and excellent facilities such as shops and tavernas. Explore some of the quieter beaches that lie alongside tiny fishing villages such as Skala Rachoni with its original Greek charm still very much in place.

Another point of interest is the famous white marble of Thassos. The exquisite white marble has been the island's major product of export for more than 2,000 years. Pick up a beautiful marble sculpture in one of the many specialist art shops or visit the ancient marble quarries.

The archaeological museum in Thassos Town (Limenas) offers exquisite sculptures, ceramics, coins and pots dug up from all across the island, many of which come from the ancient town of Alyki, where the course of history has not been disturbed since the 7th century BC. Visit Polygnotos Vagis museum at Potania and see the works of this great twentieth century sculptor.