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Mali Village Tinos, Greece

Delight in the characterful villages, fabulous beaches, and the traditional dovecotes, like tiny fortresses, which are dotted everywhere.

Destination Profile

Tinos (Chora) is a typically beautiful Cycladic island.  It is also a place of pilgrimage: the Monastery of St Mary Evangelistria houses what’s believed to be a miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary. 


  • Agios Romanos: tranquil, sandy, with crystal clear waters; on the southern side of the island
  • Agios Sostis: long, sandy beach close to Chora. Umbrellas and sunbeds available
  • Agios Ioannis Porto: long, sandy, one of the most popular beaches on the island.


  • Characterful villages
  • Fabulous beaches
  • Monastery of St Mary Evangelistria

Things To Do

Surf lessons: in Kolimpithra Bay, about 12km north of Hora.

Organised hiking tours: in the picturesque interior.

Boat & Bike tours: cruise the crystal sea, then cycle to ancient ruins and hidden beaches.

Things To See

Pretty Pyrgos: one of the largest towns, where a working marble sculpture school still exists in the village.

Chalepas Museum: in Pyrgos is where the famous Greek sculptor lived many of his works are on display.

Volax: a scenic village surrounded by low hills festooned with hundreds of multi-coloured boulders.