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Kundu is a resort district in the east of Antalya. The beautiful natural landscape there is complemented by sandy beaches. The district has a line of luxury hotels, cafes, restaurants and numerous shops. 


.The new emerging resort district of Kundu is located in the east of Antalya. The great natural landscape is complemented by well equipped beaches with golden sand. This district became a place for the construction of luxury hotels. Not far from Kunda there is an ancient city of Perge, the oldest city of the times of the Roman Empire, where historical buildings, a retail square, ancient theatre and a stadium are perfectly preserved. 

Along the entire district on the first line, there stretches a chain of luxury five star hotels with stunning landscaped areas, parallel to the hotels there are a variety of bars, cafes, restaurants, department stores and small tourist shops as well as modern residential complexes and villas.