Why Go Island Hopping In Greece?

Greece has 119 inhabited islands and a total of roughly 30,000 islands altogether! With so many islands to choose from each with their own unique character, deciding on just one can be a tricky task. Some islands are known for gorgeous white sand beaches and secluded coves, whilst others are famous for their outstanding cuisine and rich history. Popular islands like Rhodes and Santorini are lively and packed full of things to see and do whilst other lesser-known islands offer quiet relaxation and a taste of “Authentic Greece”. For those looking to discover more than one magnificent Greek paradise in a holiday, island hopping allows you to do just that

With the six major island groups and a wide range of potential itineraries to choose from, the possibilities are endless. However, what are the benefits of choosing island hopping over a holiday to just one of Greece’s idyllic islands? Read on to discover just some of the reasons that make this type of holiday special. 

Island Hopping In Greece

See More Of Greece

There are so many iconic sights in Greece, visiting them all in one lifetime is almost impossible! Island hopping gives you the opportunity to see much more in one trip, allowing you to tick off those bucket list moments and enjoy experiences that live long in the memory. For example, one of the most famous images of Greece is the village of Oia on Santorini which overlooks the spectacular Caldera and glistening sea. Another striking sight is the snow-white windmills of Mykonos that contrast impressively with the orange, pinks and yellows of a Cycladic sunset. Mixing these two incredible islands into one epic holiday allows you to experience both these magical moments. 

Don’t limit yourself to just Greece’s island gems though. One of the country’s star attractions is its ancient capital city, Athens. Combining Athens with some of the nearby islands gives you the best of a European city break exploring one of the world’s most fascinating places, with a blissful beach holiday, spending your days laid out on soft sand, sipping a cocktail as the crystal-clear waters lap at your feet. 

Combine Athens With The Greek Islands

Island Contrasts

The Greek islands are full of contrasts. There are those with bustling towns with vibrant nightlife, plenty of attractions to visit and outstanding luxury resorts but also smaller, lesser-known islands offering the chance to experience true authentic Greece with deserted beaches, tranquil atmospheres and family run properties serving delicious home cooked food. One of the biggest benefits of an Island-hopping holiday to the Greek Islands is the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds by combining two or more islands with completely different characters. Perhaps no other two combination of islands demonstrates this more than Rhodes and Halki. Cosmopolitan Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands with a long list of things to see and a wide range of accommodation including luxury five-star resorts. Nearby Halki could not be more different with minimal infrastructure and ideal for those in search of pure relaxation and an insight into the Greek way of life as it has been for centuries.

Halki Island Contrasts With Rhodes

Ferry Or Fly It’s Your Choice!

There is something truly magical about being on the deck of a ferry as it arrives into a picturesque harbour, taking in the sights and sounds and wondering what awaits you on this new Greek island, as your island-hopping adventure continues. Ferry is the most popular way of exploring the Greek islands with many of them close enough to sail between. This is not only the cheaper option for travelling between destinations, but also gives passengers the opportunity to see stunning views of your next destinations coastline.  

For those that have problems with seasickness or who want to explore completely different regions of Greece in one trip, flying is the best option. International airports are found on most of the popular islands whereas some of the smaller ones have domestic airports giving you lots of flexibility when it comes to planning your itinerary. With the option of flying between two islands, there is no limit of combinations to pick and mix island groups that are geographically far apart. Ferries between the Ionian Islands on Greece’s west coast and the Dodecanese in the far east are not practical but with plenty of flights available between the main islands, you could be marvelling at the jaw dropping Shipwreck Beach in Zante one day and exploring the medieval wonders of Rhodes old town the next.

Transfer Between Islands By Ferry

Fully Bespoke / Tailor Made

Now you might be liking the idea of island hopping but the thought of planning your dream trip seems complex -booking multiple accommodations, transfers, flights or ferries can be a bit involved. With our fully bespoke island-hopping holidays however, everything is taken care of for you! As the island specialists our experts are on hand to help you plan an epic adventure from helping you choose which islands to visit through to booking all your accommodation and transfers.  

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