Kalavasos is a quaint, authentic and wonderfully secluded village. It is beautifully unspoilt, offering a representation of genuine Cyprus.


Kalavasos is a quaint, authentic and wonderfully secluded village. It is only 30 minutes from Larnaca airport and 20 minutes from Limassol town centre; yet it is remote and beautifully unspoilt, making Kalavasos a truly magnificent representation of genuine Cyprus. The village is surrounded by mountains; ideal for those wanting an adventurous walking holiday, however the popular, relaxing Governor's beach is only a short drive away. The authenticity of the village is felt most profoundly in its historic town square; as an old church sits at the heart of Kalavasos, with cobbled streets, old houses and a long-standing cafe (kafeneon) cementing the village's strong, Cypriot roots. Kalavasos is a highly recommended destination, not only for its proximity to all convenient amenities, however one that will leave you appreciating and admiring the natural side of this stunning island.

Kalavasos is an ideal location for those wanting a simple, relaxing holiday in scenic, peaceful surroundings.

Things To See

Town square: the historic town square is usually bustling with friendly locals. There is a cafe (kafenion) where you can enjoy authentic local coffee's.

Church: the central church of the village, which is dedicated to Panagia Theotokos, is located in the centre of the village amongst the traditional houses; enhancing the village's character. It dates back exactly 100 years and displays beautiful Byzantine icons and wooden carved iconostasis.

The Kalavasos archaeological tent: Visit the 'Tenta' to admire the interesting archaeological ruins that have been excavated from the village over time; ruins dating back to the Neolithic period.

The Kalavasos mines: Are located 6 kms north-west of the village. They are no longer operating however they are still an impressive site and have large amounts of historical importance.

The Kalavasos dam: The impressive dam was built in 1985 and is constructed on a seasonal river some 30 kms northeast of Limassol just above the village. The dam embankment has a maximum height of 58 metres and a crest length of approximately 700 metres.

The Limassol market: Only a 15 minutes drive from Kalavasos is Limassol's famous market. Open only on Saturday's, it is very popular with locals and tourists alike who seek inexpensive, quality goods; such as clothes, antiques, local produce and snacks - so make sure you get there early!