Here you will experience the real character of the Greek islands, with life revolving mainly around the sea.


Holidays to Kalymnos are largely undiscovered and is widely regarded as one of the most interesting islands in the Dodecanese group. Kalymnos is also referred to as the "Island of Statues" because it is the location where the sculptors Mixhalis and Irini Kokkinou built many statues as a tribute to the island. Kalymnos was once most well known for sponge fisherman but in recent times has become a popular rock climbing destination.

Who goes to Kalymnos?

Kalymnos holidays are a haven for those in need of a laid back and tranquil destination perfect for a relaxing holiday away from noise and crowds. Kalymnos holidays are wonderful because of its beaches, scenery and culture promising to be a stress free destination.

Destination Profile

Kalymnos holidays allows you to experience an unspoilt Greek island that are perfect to kick back and relax. There are some surprisingly lively tavernas and bars in the main town, Pothia, where life tends to revolve around the sea front. A one hour ferry ride away from Kos (you will need to fly to Kos) this small island enjoys marvellous hot summer days and warm evening breezes.


Therma and Gefira: The 'Town' beaches. Both close to Pothia.

Wlihadia (Vlychada): The main resort to the south of the island. It has a beautiful bay, great for swimming and there are an abundance of traditional tavernas.

Kantouni/Linaria: Both of these resorts have beautiful sandy beaches.

Melitsachas: Wonderful small beach facing the neighbouring island of Telendos.

Myrties: Small but pleasant shingle beach. From the jetty you can jump on the little ferry boats across to the island of Telendos.

Telendos: Extremely hot in the height of the season but worth a day trip. Main beach is Chohlakas.


  • Fantastic sandy beaches
  • Traditional tavernas
  • Unspoilt beauty
  • Peaceful and tranquil


Popular items purchased by those who take holidays in Kalymnos include:-

  • Natural Sponges - (Kalymnos is well known all over the world for its fine sponges)
  • Jewellery
  • Local hand woven fabrics
  • Pottery

Things To Do

Diving: The island's main activity, an integral part of the Kalymnian way of life available both at diving centres and at the local school for divers.

Windsurfing: Experience the excellent wind surfing around the island. Windsurfs are available for hire.

Sailing: Set sail from the island by chartering the yacht of your dreams, bareboat or with a skipper and discover the Greek Archipelagos.

Fishing: Try out the local fishing methods by embarking on a small wooden fishing boat or by joining an organised fishing trip.

Trekking: A variety of walks will allow young and old alike to enjoy the impressive scenery and the profusion of wild herbs and flowers which cover the mountain side.

Things To See

Pothia: The island's capital is a picturesque and full of colourful houses piled high on the hills around its harbour which is in the shape of an amphitheatre.

Folklore Museum of Kalymnos: A place you must visit in order to see and learn about the rich history of the island, its people and their customs.

Mountaintop Fortress at Hora: The island's ancient capital and was established as a fortress in the Byzantine period and was occupied until the 18th century. Now, just nine chapels remain standing.

The Citadel of the Knights: It is on a steep rock just inland from Pothia. It was built by the Knights of St John and the chapel of the Virgin, within its walls, is on the site of an ancient temple. The citadel overlooks three ruined windmills and has great views of both Pothia and the central part of the island.


Max_temp  Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Kalymnos 20 24 27 29 29 26 21
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sun Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Kalymnos 8 10 12 14 13 10 7
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3

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