Kalymnos Holidays

Kalymnos, Greece

Experience the true character of the Greek islands in Kalymnos, with life revolving mainly around the sea.


Holidays to Kalymnos are largely undiscovered and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and interesting islands in the Dodecanese group. A holiday here will allow you to experience an unspoilt Greek island, welcoming visitors with its iconic mermaid statue. 

Kalymnos is also referred to as the "Island of Statues" because it is the location where the sculptors Mixhalis and Irini Kokkinou built many statues as a tribute to the island. Kalymnos was once most well known for its sponge industry, with many sponge workshops to be found on the island. In recent times has become a popular rock climbing destination.

This small holiday destination is located on the southern coast of the island and is home to the island's main port. At the port's entrance sits a mesmerising mermaid statue that sits in welcome to all who visit. The style of architecture here is Neoclassic with Venetian influences. There are some surprisingly lively tavernas and bars in the main town, Pothia, where life tends to revolve around the seafront but still providing a wonderfully traditional vibe.

Kalymnos holidays are a haven for those in need of a laid-back and tranquil destination, perfect for a relaxing holiday away from the crowds. Be sure to add Kalymnos to your holiday wish list and explore the wonderful beaches, scenery and culture for a delightful, stress-free getaway in a lovely destination.

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The best beaches in Kalymnos

Therma and Gefira: The 'Town' beaches. Both close to Pothia.

Wlihadia (Vlychada): The main resort to the south of the island. It has a beautiful bay, great for swimming and there is an abundance of traditional tavernas.

Kantouni/Linaria: Both of these resorts have beautiful sandy beaches.

Melitsachas: Wonderful small beach facing the neighbouring island of Telendos.

Myrties: Small but pleasant shingle beach. From the jetty, you can jump on the little ferry boats across to the island of Telendos.

Telendos: Extremely hot in the height of the season but worth a day trip. The main beach is Chohlakas.


The best time to go to Kalymnos

Max_temp  Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Kalymnos 20 24 27 29 29 26 21
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sun Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Kalymnos 8 10 12 14 13 10 7
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3