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Golden Beach is blessed with an immense tract of pale gold sand that shelves gently into the clean, warm waters of the Aegean.


Golden Beach more than lives up to its name as a resort blessed with an immense tract of pale gold sand that shelves gently into the clean, warm waters of the Aegean. It benefits from the presence of numerous traditional tavernas, both beach-side and around the pretty harbours along the coast. As if this weren’t enough, the backdrop of magnificent grey granite peaks, contrasting with the verdant greens of pine forests and olive groves bestows a touch of paradise on this increasingly popular spot on the pretty island of Thassos.

Who Holidays Here?

Holidaymakers of all kinds come here for a taste of la dolce vita and laid back pace of life in this enchanting resort, but the fabulous safe and sandy beaches make Golden Beach an ideal destination for young families and water babies. 

Destination Profile

Holidaymakers to Thassos, one of the lesser known of the Greek islands, discovered the idyllic setting of Golden Beach only about twenty years ago. Its stunning scenery and perfect beach have continued to draw them in since, in ever-increasing numbers. No surprise when you gaze along the dazzling crescent-shaped sweep of sand running nearly 3 kilometres along the curve of this breathtaking coastline. Nor when enjoying the crystal clear transparency of the warm sea’s edge turning to deep turquoise as it gently shelves out to sea; perfect for a day of safe splashing, paddling or swimming. It has blue flag status and is often cited as the best beach in the whole of the Aegean. Today, the compact resort around it bustles with life in the summer, returning to its quieter identity as autumn goes on. Then it becomes the perfect place to escape and unwind, taking in the beautiful views with long walks and enjoying unhurried, relaxing evenings. 

Look up to admire the mauve-grey granite rock of the mountains, the backcloth to this heavenly spot. Among them you’ll see the deep evergreens of pine, the grey-green of olive trees, and the island’s highest peak of Ipsarion lording over the view at a magnificent 1,204 metres high. Many species of wild birds have made this region their home - a treat for twitchers and lovers of the natural world.

Nature’s bounty can be enjoyed here in other ways, too: some great fish restaurants and traditional tavernas are to be found particularly in and around the pretty harbours of the two main villages, Skala Potamias and Skala Panagia. Once separated by dunes and a small river, now the beach strand and a convenient road connect the two unobstructed; villagers speculate that one day they’ll meet and become one larger resort. Certainly, the growing popularity of the area has encouraged many to put down roots and build - each year the number grows of pretty villas and dwellings, brand new hotels, and holiday complexes, restaurants and bars.

While the atmosphere remains laid-back, there is plenty to keep you entertained. With such a safe and inviting sea, water sports are the order of the day and the whole range of activities from jet-skiing, banana boat riding and kayaking to wind-surfing, water skiing and parascending can be enjoyed here. On the beach itself beach volleyball, tennis and football games are frequently held. Or you can simply observe: take the easy option and laze on a sunbed under a parasol. Watch, read, snooze! The beachside tavernas will even deliver you your lunch on the sands. No need to move a muscle!

If you’re craving some cultural stimulation, take the water-taxi to Thassos town for the opportunity to visit a 5th-century BC amphitheatre and some Greek temples. Finish off back at the harbour with a visit to the remains of an ancient marketplace and the adjacent Archaeological museum for a satisfying day out.

As the evening sets in, the beach tavernas are a great spot to sit and sip a cocktail or two, watching the sun go down. For a livelier time, a short taxi ride into Thassos town will reveal a collection of bars where traditional music is played and one or two clubs from where more contemporary sounds emanate. 


  • Stunning stretch of sandy beach
  • Plenty of watersports
  • Beachside tavernas and cafes
  • Clear waters

Things To Do

Cycling: Set off on a biking adventure through the olive groves and discover the breathtaking mountainous scenery. There are routes that will take you past monasteries, villages and ruins and give a fantastic overview of the island.

Boat cruises: Traditional Greek yachts offer itineraries which take you from Golden Beach to Thassos stopping off at smaller coves, beaches and villages along the way to complete a leisurely day on the water.

Watersports: Many of the beaches offer fantastic swimming and safe seas, along with great facilities for enjoying a wide range of watersports.

Horse-riding: One of the best ways to enjoy the glorious scenery of this fabulous island.

Things To See

Beaches: Thassos offers a number of beautiful unspoilt beaches and bays. Thassos Town, Golden Beach and Limenaria offer lovely beaches with safe waters and excellent facilities including beach-side shops and tavernas. Along the coast are some quieter beaches next to tiny fishing villages such as Skala Rachoni, with authentic Greek charm.

White marble: Exquisite white marble has been the island's major export for more than 2000 years, and many sculptures and artworks can be purchased all round the island. Trips can also be made to the quarries themselves.

Thassos Archaeological museum: The museum houses some beautiful  sculptures, ceramics, coins and pots dug up from across the island many of which come from the ancient town of Alyki, dating back to 7th century BC. Enjoy this fascinating journey through the island’s ancient past.

Polygnotos Vagis museum, Potania: See the works of this great 20th-century sculptor.

Archaeological sites: The ancient temples dedicated to Apollo and Athena can be explored in Thassos Town followed by a visit to a 5th-century amphitheatre located above the town via a climb of over 130 steps.  

Festivals: Try to catch one of the many religious and cultural festivals held throughout the year for a colourful and lively show where you will be treated to a display of the island’s folklore and traditions.